About Wild + Wonder

Wild + Wonder is more than just another online boutique. It is a dream, a passion, a true labor of love, and an absolute blessing.
I started my boutique business journey over four years ago, with a booth at local pop-ups, markets and craft fairs. At this time, I sold my handmade jewelry and had big dreams of adding a single rack of clothing to my booth space… some day. I gained a quick and faithful following with my unique style and exceptional customer service, and continued doing several markets per month through the end of the year. I enjoyed it sooo much and was so excited about sharing my jewelry designs with my shoppers, the ability to support my little boys and myself by doing what I love, and the constant challenge and growth opportunities that owning a business like mine provided me with.
The January following my first year in business, I was diagnosed with cancer. Being a 28 year old single mother, this was not only frightening but a complete shock. My treatment plan was very uncertain, which was difficult for a gal like me who finds comfort in having everything planned out to a T. This was God’s ultimate test of my strength and my faith in Him, and I couldn’t be more grateful for that experience! He gave me big dreams and big faith, and kept me encouraged along the way to continue to press toward those dreams through my cancer journey. I immediately invested in the boutique clothing I had dreamed of adding to my booth space, launched my first online boutique, and booked as many markets and events as I could, despite my uncertain treatment plan. My Faithful Father met my faith and hard work with great huge blessings, and my business continued to grow and multiply right before my eyes! I am extremely grateful to report that I am now cancer free and healthy as a horse!
After two years of continuing to grow and flourish, both online and through events, my business was in need of rebranding and refocusing. Through a prayer that a sweet friend prayed over my little boys, God gave me the name “Wild + Wonder”. Through a prayer that another sweet friend prayed over me, He gave me the tag line “Stay wild, never lose your sense of wonder.” This resonated so deeply with me, because I’ve always been a bit of a free spirit, a gypsy soul, a wanderer. People in my life sometimes treated that quality like it was a negative attribute, calling it instability, telling me I should pick one thing/place/idea and stick with it like everyone else does. I’m so grateful that around the same time that The Lord gave me the inspiration for Wild + Wonder, He also confirmed in my heart that being this way is one of His favorite things about me, that He made me this way for His purposes, and that it’s nothing to be ashamed of or that I need to defend to anyone else. Praise God.
As the owner of your new favorite boutique, my commitment to you is to always stay true to myself and to encourage you to do the same. To offer you trendy, fashionable, flattering, sometimes daring, awe inspiring styles that you will feel beautiful in, and that won’t break the bank! To provide you with exceptional and personable customer service, affordable prices, and speedy order processing. I’m excited to interact with you through my online boutique, social media, and VIP shopping group!
Thank you so much for joining me on this journey and supporting my dream. You are a part of my blessing, and I’m indescribably grateful for you!
Stay wild Babe, and never lose your sense of wonder.